Sunday, April 16, 2017


December 19, 2016

SO, how crazy is it that Christmas is this Sunday, super crazy i think. Its weird to think that ive been out for about 4 1/2 months already. Gotta say, i freakin love it. its super hard yes, at tad stressful, and aggravating at times, but i wouldn't trade this time for anything. Its pretty rewarding i might add, not by money, because i dont get payed to be out here, but to see others come closer to their Heavenly Father and see their faith in Christ grow is the best feeling ever. And i get to help, it makes me feel pretty special.

       This week was pretty good! But my Diet wasn't. i hate to admit this, but my companions and i Ate restaurant/ Fast Food 5 days out of this last week...  like yeah i was pretty happy as i ate, but after when i thought about what i ate, and the quantity thereof, i got pretty depressed haha. Its ridiculously hard to lose weight and eat healthy here, not because its not available, but because its not convenient, and we have to be time savvy. So when you see the 3 boxes of Pizza down below, yes, we all ate a box a piece. Help....

        So pretty funny story: A member of our congregation, Hermano Barraza, and i went to go teach a woman named Anna last Tuesday. When we arrived on the street, and started walking to her house, we saw 3 little German Shepard puppies wandering the street together, and we were wondering who let their dogs out or if they were just stray. Anyways, we get in with Anna and we are sitting outside her house teaching a lesson, when this puppies come up and plop down near us. As we finish, we find out that these pups are hers( and obviously doesnt take could care of them :( ). As we talk she mentions how shes trying to get rid of them, and she says that she will give them away for free. Now, i know what you could be thinking, No i didnt get a puppy, unfortunately. However, Hermano Barraza did... His dad has wanted a dog ever since they had to return one that his dad got really attached to, so we stayed and waited as he texted and called his mom and wife, and when he got the ok, we took one and brought her back to his house. When we get back to where my other companions were, One inquired why we took so long, and coincidentally asked "What do you have in their a dog?" Its was pretty hilarious when i did pull out a puppy out of the car haha. Hermano barraza brought the puppy to his dad, and his dads face just lit up, and immediately took it from him. its was pretty heart warming Tbh.

Well this week was good, but it was really rough for me in the beginning. But i attempted to get out of the pit i was in towards the end of the week. prolly annoyed my comps a tad but it happens sometimes, when you just get sad and nothing really works as you want it. But it did get better, and i feel pretty pumped for this week!

Also, our Apartment got broken into.... But the theif sucked at his job, because he stole only Elder Paxton's a guitar and cheap dvd player, when there was much more valuable stuff. what a loser!

Much love

Elder Bailey

Included are some pretty rad pics of my comps and I  

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