Sunday, April 16, 2017

oh Harold 2/21/17


So almost every time we go emailing, there is a man named Harold, who is an older man from the Hawaiian islands, who always comes to talk to us. He thinks that Elder Osberg and i are super tight with him, and he always calls us "his boys"😂. The funny part is that whenever he comes over to us, he tells us super inappropriate jokes lol. he also does artwork and projects of that sort, and you can probably guess that they arent very morally clean. Needless to say, he probs needs a girlfriend.

This week was awesome! We are straight slaying the game. One of our investigators that i have mentioned before, Florencia, has her baptism this Saturday! hyped for that! Whats even more Crazy is that her husband came to church with her! 
it was super funny because we were in Sunday school and the teacher asked a question to Claudio (husband of florencia), and after he answered we gave him a fistbump. then she asked one to florencia and we did the same thing with her. Eventually, a little competition broke out, and the tried to comment more than the other, and the other members were getting into it too, and telling us things like "oh yeah, that was a good one, give him/her a fistbump". it was hilarious.

There was also a ward valentines day party, it was pretty lit! one of the members is a DJ, and he started playing some seriously dope electronic music, and it was hard to stand still! Elder osberg was going crazy, he loves that stuff, i thought he was gonna have like a panic attack or something haha! (for those who dont know, we dont listen to that kind of stuff on the mission, only approved music). Then he turned on some hispanic music and all the hispanics went and danced, so it was a fun time!

thats all i got, love yall!

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