Monday, October 17, 2016

Blog number whatever

Man i do enjoy sending blogs out. i don't enjoy writing them every time tho lol. its just a lot of typing tbh

Well, this week has been a great week overall!

Elder Pattersons arm is just fine, he just has to do physical therapy at home to help strengthen it. The doctor said his fracture was 1 on a scale of 1-10... he even played Knockout (which is a basketball game, other names are lightning, gotcha, so on). Even before he went and saw the doctor, he never wore his splint and did anything he thought he could do, which is like everything lol.

A tragedy happened this week. I lost our phone...

I have no clue how it happened, but it did. Actually, that whole day was kinda rough. Gather around children, let me begin.

So it all began because When our Car was having trouble. Our car was overheating all day the day before. Our car had no coolant! We later learned that Cruzes are notorious for leaking coolant, and if it was having this problem, we would probably be without a car for a bit. UGH. So we had to bring the car in the next morning, and Elder cook took it to get looked at.. it also happened that Elder Patt's Orthopedic appointment for his arm was the same day, Predicament numero uno. We were in luck though, because the Office Elder's had free time to get us and take us to his appointment. After his appointment, we decided to have them drop us off at Jersey mikes for lunch.   

this is where everything goes downhill reallllllll fast.

So as we were eating, enjoying our sandwiches and totally not watching the TVs playing the Dortmund vs Berlin game, or so i heard, because as i said, totally not watching it, ANYWAY, Elder Patt. asked for the phone to make a call or 2, and when i reached into my pocket, it wasnt there. There were many things going through my head, but the most prominent was : OH CRAP, ELDER PATTERSON IS GOING TO KILL ME. 


We were in Riverside, without a phone or a car.... Predicaments numeros dos y tres. So we decided to walk to a members house to get a phone to call another set of elders to come get us. we probably walked 3 or 4 miles that day RIP. We did finally get to a phone, we tried about 3 members houses before we found one that was home. We had Elders Balls and Page get us. WE LOOKED EVERYWHERE. it wasnt there.... We looked in the OE's truck, because i thought initially that where i left it at. NOPE. Then we went back to Jersey mikes, because maybe i just didnt see it or i left it on the register counter or something. NOPE WASNT THERE. We had to go back and get our car, and i had to cough up 20 bucks for a new one. The worst part about losing it was the videos of old missionaries and the contacts on it. Elder Patterson didnt speak to me for a bit, And rightfully so, i dont blame him one bit. But dont worry, everything is ok between us!

On a happier note, we had one of our investigator get Baptized Yesterday! her name is Ernestina, and shes 68 years old! she is such a nice and sweet lady! it was such a great experience to see her progress, and come unto Christ!


Well thats all for this week, love you all!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Week 10

Well, this last week wraps up week 10, of like 102.

Thanks to all who sent me Birthday wishes! I actually had a decent Birthday. My family sent me all sorts of crap to eat, all my favorite candy and what not. Im honestly so blessed to have a family that loves me so much! All the other missionaries in my Apartment Complex were so amazed. They were like " i wish my family loved me that much" and " Dude, your sisters send the best candy", yeah, I know my family puts yours to shame hahaha!

 I tried to Keep my Birthday on the DL, but Elder Patterson couldnt stop telling people... . We had Trainer/Trainee Training that day, and of course he had to tell everyone, and The mission presidents Wife made me stand up in front of everyone during lunch while they sang Happy birthday to me. the only good thing that came out of that was an extra brownie haha. Also, later that day, we went to Hermana Espinosa's house for dinner. What did Elder Patt do? Tell her it was my birthday. When she heard this, she immediately had her daughter go get me a cake, and of course i had to have her get Tres leches, that crap is so freaking good. We had a tiny little celebration, and i actually enjoyed that part! As ive said before, hispanics are best!

Update on Elder Patt's arm: its Fractured!!! LOL! i laughed so hard when we found out, i couldnt help it. But guess what, the orthopedics havent called us yet. They werte suppose to call us last week. Sister Mullen is about to kill them, she even told us she would bring a big stick if she had to go talk to them in person. He's been in a splint and a sling, but recently hes gotten so annoyed in being in one, so he took both off and only wears them if The president or his wife is around haha. What a goon! When we have the chance to go to the orthopedics, and if he needs surgery, he will have to go home for a bit and come back after he recovers, but i doubt that will happen.

Well, remember when i said i had to take over the area this last week. Well it went not so great....

So, we had to do exchanges last week, which is basically when one of us goes to another area for a day. Elder Patt has to do that because he is Out District leader, and he has to go on exchanges with everyone in our district. It was my first time taking over the area. im pretty new at this stuff, so i kinda expected it to go bad. However, what made it bad was not that i did horrible, or that i just did all the wrong stuff. It was because no one was home, no one wanted the message and so on and so forth. I was worried my spanish was going to hold me back, but it was just my inexperience. Its weird, when youre the only spanish speaking missionary out of the 2, your spanish gets so much better, idk why! and Honestly i didnt do too bad, it just wasnt how i wanted it to go. it put me in a bad mood that night. 

Ive also had to drive this week because of Elder Patts Elbow, so thats been Freaking stressful. i had not drove in 9 months. i was freaking nervous. and yes, i have made traffic mistakes, no, i didnt get in a wreck. But roads out her are hecka confusing tho, and ive almost gone into the wrong lane of traffic. IN MY DEFENSE, the intersections, roads, and everything are like a 10x10 rubics cube.

see yall later! have a good week, y Dios les bendiga! les amo mucho!

Weekie Blog


This week has been a good one, same old same old!

Another week down on the mission only like 93 left to go! i know i said like 102 last week, but i did the math and i was so off, lol. That gave me some inspiration! But I'm not just counting the weeks, i Honestly really love this mission. it can be hard, that's a given, but i love the people i serve and the members here are super nice :)

General Conference was this last weekend. For all that Don't know what that is, all of our general leaders of our church get together to talk to us, and give us advice and counsel. Honestly its such a blessing, because this world is a piece of crap nowadays. So much suffering, so many dangers! its good to have Men called of good to give us guidance on how to handle life in this world. Everyone should check it out on :)))))). You might get something good out of it.

Well, Ive come to the realization that i will never come back to California. Its DEAD, its BROWN, and its UGLY. Where is all the Green? Good question, i have yet to find the answer to that one. However, the people here are pretty cool. As i said before, Hispanics are super nice, even to a Gringo like me. i guess that kinda makes up for the Crappy geography here....

Funny story: we were playing Basketball today, and my companion pretty much broke or sprung his arm. So we play half court, and we were playing 4 on 4. Elder Patterson was guarding another missionary, and as that elder was going for a shot, Elder P. tried to block it. Nothing inherently dangerous, nope not at all. But that other Elder, Elder Page, faked him out and ducked... Elder P. flipped over him and landed on his forearm. He was out for the rest of games. I feel bad for him, but hes totally hilarious. He Cant extend his arm all the way,nor can he raise it up much at all, so it just hangs there like hes Mentally disabled. Also he still insisted on driving, so he shifted and drove with one arm... . Every time he tried to hit a button on the stereo in the car, he looked like ET! I couldn't stop laughing. Hes tough tho, and he has been doing everything he can do by himself, but honestly that's not a lot. I had to tie his tie for him, and i almost had to help him put his socks and shoes on. He is always groaning in pain, and currently, we are laughing at him tryng to email, its quite the humorous sight sight . Yeah, hes pretty incapacitated lol. He also doesn't want to go to the Mission nurse, which, he honestly needs to. Ill update y'all next week on my cripple of a companion.

last thing. I'm taking over the area this week on Wednesday, because we are going on exchanges with our Zone Leaders, which don't speak Spanish. so Ill be doing all the talking. I'm Nervous, really nervous. I serve basically in Mini Mexico. I still don't know this Language super well, but i can hold my own in conversations. What I'm nervous about is that sometimes, its super duper hard to hear and comprehend them and what they say. Some Speak so fast and super unclear. Pray for me... RIP.


Elder Bailey