Sunday, April 16, 2017


Hey Guys!

  So do you know what i hate most? When people go to the internet instead of the bible and prayer for spiritual knowledge. People like to bring up anti and when we ask them where they did research its always the internet. What a world we are in when man relies on man instead of their Great Creator. One of our investigators told us to stop coming by because of things he found on the internet, and was pretty rude about it too. the Weird thing was that he was super chill and nice when we first met with him. but im also pretty sure he worships the internet because thats all he did was bring up how the internet he found this and that and how its the best thing in the world...😶

  i mean other than that the week was Fracking good. we met Alot of cool people and im excited to see how their testimony of Christ develops as we meet with them. we are working with one family in particular where the father lost his faith because of hardships and is slowly building it back up. i decided that we needed to share the Plan of Salvation, or the plan of happiness that our Heavenly Father has provided for us. it was a good lesson but got cut short when he got a call from his brother, so we are going to see how it goes :)

   Also Florencia Sanchez will be Baptized on the 25th if everything goes right! we had an awesome lesson with her with a member and they talked a good long while #bestfrans
she was struggling pretty hard that week but she made it to church and it seems that it helped her out a ton!

     well thats all for right now, pics Below!

1.Swaggin it out with some chillins

2. Noche de hogar! (family home evening)

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