Sunday, April 16, 2017

infinite peace signs and a holy bowl of pasta 1/9/17

Well Today we Hiked up Mt. Rubidoux (i pronounce it Ruby-ducks) and it was actually alot more fun then i thought it would be. The view was pretty amazing tho, we could see our area and the zone next to us, which was pretty cool. We took some pretty cool pics there, and this week in general.

         So We had some Freaking awesome experiences this week!

    First off, we went to go have a lesson with one of our most elect investigators. Its always awesome to go over there with them, because they just want the gospel in their lives, and they just love the heck out of us. Benjamin, likes to talk, and i mean a lot a lot. Its so funny, because his wife julia looks at us when he goes off and rolls her eyes and when we start laughing benjamin things we are laughing with him, God bless him! anyway, as we are verifying that they have been praying about if joseph smith was a prophet, Julia stops us and asks if she could share something and of course we agree. Well, she told us the last time we were over, that night she dreamed a dream, in which she saw God and asked him if joseph smith was a prophet and he told her yes! 
MY INVESTIGATORS ARE HAVING VISIONS! Haha it was a fun experience nontheless. Benjamin then started saying that if people have beef with joseph smith its because they havent read the book of mormon and/or researched him through correct sources, so yeah, pretty prepared by the Lord those 2 are.

   The second thing was really cool too! So yesterday, Elder Paxton and I were walking to see another investigator, but we didnt have an appointment with them tho. As we approach the house, Elder Paxton and i hear the door to a house open. I turn around and there is just this man staring out at us. I felt an immediate prompting to go talk to the guy, and as i was contacting him, he allowed us to come in and share the message we bring. As we talk, we soon find out that this man has gone through a little bit of heartache in his life. His wife left him and took his 3 kids with her, and since he has just been really hurt. This was a great opportunity to share the gospel with him, because this gospel heals the broken hearts, the hardships, anything, and i know it for a fact. He is a pretty prepared human for the gospel as well. i love being a missionary, its pretty awesome.

Well thats all today!

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