Sunday, April 16, 2017

Transfers once again! 4/10/17

Hey everyone, this might be a shorter one!

          So transfers happened this last weekend, and Elder Osberg is headed out to La Sierra in Riverside. We had an awesome 2 transfers and we got alot of work done! excited to see him again in the future! My new companion isnt really new to me, Elder sanchez was sent to me, so we will be doing another transfer or 2 again together! hes a really good guy and a Hard worker too, so im excited to see what we can do! Also alot of my favorite missionaries from this Zone are leaving too, so thats kinda sad, hopefully ill get moved to one of them before they end their missions here in 7 months!

           Im still being questioned why i dont have an accent when im from TN. I really dont understand developing accents, because i never really got one from the 18 years i lived there... quien sabe porque...

          Unfortunately, the member that brings Santiago to church slept in, so we confirm him a member last sunday. but i dont blame this member, because hes freaking awesome and helps us out alot AND works like 10-15 hours a day. so we are just going to do it next sunday, and thats gonna be an awesome experience!

      We had a super bomb lesson and but these people on a baptismal date, but they perfer english, so we have to pass them over... lame! but they will totally be baptized, which is super exciting.

  Well thats it for this week!  

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