Sunday, April 16, 2017


 Hello mis seres Queridos

         This week has been a good one, buts its been an even hotter one. The lows have been 88 and the highs in the low 90s, so its just hot all the fetching time. but ya know, thats just how it is, and im going to have to get used to worse, because in the summer time it gets 20 degrees hotter :)

        We had some awesome lessons this week. We are still teaching Santiago! that guy is awesome. always wanting to go to church, keep commitments, what a guy! we taught him the Word of Wisdom(abstaining from coffee, tea, alcohol,tabacco, illegal drugs, anything addictive really, and eating healthy) this week, and we though he might have a few probs with it with coffee or something, but no, he doesnt do anything, so hes on track for success!

        We also had a great lesson with a guy named Santana. hes a younger guy thats recovering his faith in Christ and just sincerely looking for the truth. He has alot of doubts, about everything really. he is also meeting with the jehova witnesses -_- . but if he really prays he will find out that our message is true. Really guys, as missionaries we teach what we KNOW is TRUE, then we just ask our investigators to pray with real intent if its true. super simple. And people become happy. also our Ward mission leader was there, and he is a convert to the church, and he bore a powerful testimony, its was dope.

       We also had a cool lesson with a Manuel and his wife. Manuel is a super cool guy, but his kids play soccer on Sunday... lame. But he said that when the dont have a game early in the morning he will come. so thats good. a little problem is that he says he will only want to continue going to the church and be baptized if he feels comfortable and good at church. i mean, thats super important and all, but its important to be converted to the gospel, not just how things go at church. we shall see.



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