Sunday, April 16, 2017

baptism! 2/27/17

Hey guys!

        This week was a pretty awesome week! AS you can tell from the title of this week, Florencia was baptized and confirmed this last weekend! it was some awesome spiritual experiences, Florencia has changed a lot. when i came into this area, she seemed very quiet and shy towards us, she always let us come by but the last couple of weeks she has really opened up to us so that we have been able to help her to this step in her life. she also has like a super bad short term memory, she usually forgets its sunday or church was on sunday, but this last sunday, we didnt even have to remind her... thats a miracle let me tell you that!

        We also had a really good lesson about the Plan of Salvation with a family we are teaching. This family is a young family, that have had some recent hardships come into their paths the last couple weeks. that lesson seemed to have help them feel a little better. the Plan of salvation for those who dont know is the plan that God has prepared for us so that we can be happy in this life and prepare to live with Him for eternity with our families! its all centered on the Atonement(the sacrifice of Jesus Christ) and the decisions that we make in this life. its a pretty awesome message, and im glad i get to share it with others!

      So Elder Osberg and i are doing another 6 weeks together! i feel sorry for him tho, because when he finishes this transfer, he will have been in this area for 7 1/2 months... he hasnt been outside of the perris/menifee area. At least he gets to be with another cool missionary(me) instead of someone super difficult or new.

      We also had a lesson that lasted 2 hours because this guy just wouldnt stop talking. we didnt really mind that much because it seemed her just needed someone to talk to. he is a really cool guy too, he accepts invitations to do things, so we hope he keeps his commitments with the Lord.

   thats all for this week!

1. Picture with Florencia and Claudio
2. pic with Elder brown and Elder Cox

3.pic with Elders whiting,jones (taught florencia long ago) and the spanish sisters

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