Sunday, April 16, 2017

Jan. 3rd, 2017

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year! 

         This last week was a pretty slow week as far as missionary work goes. Many people told us we couldn't come and talk because of family being over and junk like that. Holidays are hard for some reason, when it should really be the time where we can visit with these families, because our message is so centered in Christ and in his teachings, it would be especially appropriate in that Christmas time. However its their loss i guess...

        So referring to the title of this letter, my middle finger is quite swollen. I jammed it about 5-6 weeks ago playing basketball, and the swelling just hasn't gone down. My companions like to compare it to my thumb, because its thicker than it LOL. it doesnt hurt to bad, or maybe i got used to the pain, i couldnt tell you. it could be broken i dont know, and i dont really care either, i just find it funny.

We had some cool little spiritual experiences yesterday though. 

         So we go up to this house for an appointment with a woman whos name i shall call stacy. She is a thug looking woman but her outward appearance doesnt match with whats on the inside. As we were teaching her about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, she opened up to us, and shared her trials of her drug addiction and wanting to get her children back. the spirit filled the room as we testified of the love and mercy of our Heavenly Father, and his son Jesus Christ. She really enjoyed our message, and invited us back again this week.
       Then right after that, we head out to another appointment, and as soon as we knock on the door the woman opens up the door and says "you Guys arrived just in time, were praying." i didnt exactly understand what she meant by that until i walked in and her whole family was there, and she wanted us to pray for them because her father is dying. The whole of them was pretty distraught looking. Elder Paxton offered a pretty beautiful Prayer that brought tears to the eyes of almost every single one of them. Many said it was exactly what they needed.
      The best Part of being a missionary is the service that we have the privilege of doing. its the most wonderful feeling to know that you have helped some one in their time of need, through a message of Christ. There is no  other more important work on this earth amiright?!

Love E.B

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