Sunday, April 16, 2017

Transfers once again! 4/10/17

Hey everyone, this might be a shorter one!

          So transfers happened this last weekend, and Elder Osberg is headed out to La Sierra in Riverside. We had an awesome 2 transfers and we got alot of work done! excited to see him again in the future! My new companion isnt really new to me, Elder sanchez was sent to me, so we will be doing another transfer or 2 again together! hes a really good guy and a Hard worker too, so im excited to see what we can do! Also alot of my favorite missionaries from this Zone are leaving too, so thats kinda sad, hopefully ill get moved to one of them before they end their missions here in 7 months!

           Im still being questioned why i dont have an accent when im from TN. I really dont understand developing accents, because i never really got one from the 18 years i lived there... quien sabe porque...

          Unfortunately, the member that brings Santiago to church slept in, so we confirm him a member last sunday. but i dont blame this member, because hes freaking awesome and helps us out alot AND works like 10-15 hours a day. so we are just going to do it next sunday, and thats gonna be an awesome experience!

      We had a super bomb lesson and but these people on a baptismal date, but they perfer english, so we have to pass them over... lame! but they will totally be baptized, which is super exciting.

  Well thats it for this week!  

A letter from the mission president

9 April 2017

 Dear Brother and Sister Bailey,

I am pleased to let you know that Elder Bradley Homer Bailey has received the assignment to serve as a District Leader in the California Riverside Mission. This special assignment will offer your son an opportunity for leadership growth. He will have the sacred responsibility to lead and teach those missionaries who are within his district. The Lord has chosen him for his outstanding performance and commitment.

You can take pride in his missionary accomplishments. I am indeed grateful for the training and guidance you have provided that has helped qualify him for this opportunity.

Thank you for your support, and may the Lord be with you always.

Faithfully yours,

John H. Mullen, PresidentCalifornia Riverside Mission  

Subimos la Montana otra vez 4/3/17

   Yeah, and because we climbed that mountain again, im freaking sore and cut up. but the pics we took were pretty rad. WE MADE IT TO THE TOP THIS TIME! last time we mad it like 3/4 the way up, and since Elder Osberg is probs leaving in a week, we had to finish it! Pics in a link below.

    Santiago was Baptized this last Saturday! too hype!! Elder Osberg baptized him, and ill be doing the confirmation this sunday, because General conference was this last weekend. We baptized him after the 2 regular sessions, and we had a really good turn out from the members in our ward. This guy is awesome, super sweet looking old man. Hes already calling a less active back to church(his next door neighbor)! CONVERT.

     General Conference was so awesome. If you didnt already know, we believe in a modern day prophet that still talks to God directly and 12 apostles that help and guide the church just like Jesus Christ established( Ephesians 2:19 ; 4:11-14). And in General conference, we get the opportunity to hear from these great men, and other selected General Authorities of the church. IF YOU WANT TO REALLY KNOW what we believe, id watch it. its on
     Anyways, i really enjoyed this General Conference, one of my fav talks was about "The Eternal Langauge", talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. He compares it to how many children from hispanic parents speak better English than their parents Mother-tongue, and by there kids, many arent taught Spanish, and hence lose the language. he focuses on how we must continually maintain the langauge of the Gospel in our homes and in the lives of our children, and even us. Go read it!!

       This week i learned a lesson about spiritual promptings. As we were going to try by an investigators house, i saw a woman cleaning up some cut weeds in her lawn. Here in the mission, and im sure in ever other mission, the moto is, TALK TO EVERYONE! because you never know who is willing to accept the message we bring. I had a thought that i should to talk to her. i gave a look to elder osberg to see if its someone he has already talked to that hates missionaries (there are quite a few). When i received the notion that he hadnt talked to her before i walked over to over some help. she declined that offer, but accept us into her home, and we were able to pick up her, her daughter, and her mother-in-law as new investigators. A spiritual prompting isnt always a slap in the face, or be a pressing feeling, it can happen in more suddle ways like a thought! 

Love yall!


 Hello mis seres Queridos

         This week has been a good one, buts its been an even hotter one. The lows have been 88 and the highs in the low 90s, so its just hot all the fetching time. but ya know, thats just how it is, and im going to have to get used to worse, because in the summer time it gets 20 degrees hotter :)

        We had some awesome lessons this week. We are still teaching Santiago! that guy is awesome. always wanting to go to church, keep commitments, what a guy! we taught him the Word of Wisdom(abstaining from coffee, tea, alcohol,tabacco, illegal drugs, anything addictive really, and eating healthy) this week, and we though he might have a few probs with it with coffee or something, but no, he doesnt do anything, so hes on track for success!

        We also had a great lesson with a guy named Santana. hes a younger guy thats recovering his faith in Christ and just sincerely looking for the truth. He has alot of doubts, about everything really. he is also meeting with the jehova witnesses -_- . but if he really prays he will find out that our message is true. Really guys, as missionaries we teach what we KNOW is TRUE, then we just ask our investigators to pray with real intent if its true. super simple. And people become happy. also our Ward mission leader was there, and he is a convert to the church, and he bore a powerful testimony, its was dope.

       We also had a cool lesson with a Manuel and his wife. Manuel is a super cool guy, but his kids play soccer on Sunday... lame. But he said that when the dont have a game early in the morning he will come. so thats good. a little problem is that he says he will only want to continue going to the church and be baptized if he feels comfortable and good at church. i mean, thats super important and all, but its important to be converted to the gospel, not just how things go at church. we shall see.



youthz 3/6/17

hey everyone!

   this last week was an awesome week!

      to start off, we had 3 people come to church, which was super cool! Santiago, One of the people that came to church is an investigator that we met this last week really liked the message of the Restoration and came to church. when we met with him he mentioned he didnt have transportation, so we told him we would find someone to get him and bring him at 8:30. He calls us thinking that we said 7:30, wandering where we were at. 

This is insane, 1. because usually no one wants to come to church.
                      2. because he called US wondering who is getting him, and no one calls us... and we                             give our number out to everyone offering service and to our investigators all the                               time

so yeah, it was pretty exciting, at church he commented a bunch that he wanted to be baptized and that he feels more youthful sitting by elder Osberg and I. Youthz

      We also met a really cool man named Manuel. he was really interested in what we had to say. we are going to share with him the whole message of the Restoration this saturday, and if he doesnt have any soccer games for his kids, he said he would come to church, really awesome guy. we put him and his 2 kids on date for April 8th, so it will be exciting what happens.

   So a couple of days ago marked my 7 month mark. the mission is weird, it goes by fast and slow at the same time, but always enjoyable. 

   One thing that i have really enjoyed doing as a missionary is really digging into the bible. its crazy what truths you may find when you really go deep in a verse or chapter. im trying to read the bible all the way through starting at Genesis, and so far its been a blast. the old testament is a little peculiar tho...


baptism! 2/27/17

Hey guys!

        This week was a pretty awesome week! AS you can tell from the title of this week, Florencia was baptized and confirmed this last weekend! it was some awesome spiritual experiences, Florencia has changed a lot. when i came into this area, she seemed very quiet and shy towards us, she always let us come by but the last couple of weeks she has really opened up to us so that we have been able to help her to this step in her life. she also has like a super bad short term memory, she usually forgets its sunday or church was on sunday, but this last sunday, we didnt even have to remind her... thats a miracle let me tell you that!

        We also had a really good lesson about the Plan of Salvation with a family we are teaching. This family is a young family, that have had some recent hardships come into their paths the last couple weeks. that lesson seemed to have help them feel a little better. the Plan of salvation for those who dont know is the plan that God has prepared for us so that we can be happy in this life and prepare to live with Him for eternity with our families! its all centered on the Atonement(the sacrifice of Jesus Christ) and the decisions that we make in this life. its a pretty awesome message, and im glad i get to share it with others!

      So Elder Osberg and i are doing another 6 weeks together! i feel sorry for him tho, because when he finishes this transfer, he will have been in this area for 7 1/2 months... he hasnt been outside of the perris/menifee area. At least he gets to be with another cool missionary(me) instead of someone super difficult or new.

      We also had a lesson that lasted 2 hours because this guy just wouldnt stop talking. we didnt really mind that much because it seemed her just needed someone to talk to. he is a really cool guy too, he accepts invitations to do things, so we hope he keeps his commitments with the Lord.

   thats all for this week!

1. Picture with Florencia and Claudio
2. pic with Elder brown and Elder Cox

3.pic with Elders whiting,jones (taught florencia long ago) and the spanish sisters

oh Harold 2/21/17


So almost every time we go emailing, there is a man named Harold, who is an older man from the Hawaiian islands, who always comes to talk to us. He thinks that Elder Osberg and i are super tight with him, and he always calls us "his boys"😂. The funny part is that whenever he comes over to us, he tells us super inappropriate jokes lol. he also does artwork and projects of that sort, and you can probably guess that they arent very morally clean. Needless to say, he probs needs a girlfriend.

This week was awesome! We are straight slaying the game. One of our investigators that i have mentioned before, Florencia, has her baptism this Saturday! hyped for that! Whats even more Crazy is that her husband came to church with her! 
it was super funny because we were in Sunday school and the teacher asked a question to Claudio (husband of florencia), and after he answered we gave him a fistbump. then she asked one to florencia and we did the same thing with her. Eventually, a little competition broke out, and the tried to comment more than the other, and the other members were getting into it too, and telling us things like "oh yeah, that was a good one, give him/her a fistbump". it was hilarious.

There was also a ward valentines day party, it was pretty lit! one of the members is a DJ, and he started playing some seriously dope electronic music, and it was hard to stand still! Elder osberg was going crazy, he loves that stuff, i thought he was gonna have like a panic attack or something haha! (for those who dont know, we dont listen to that kind of stuff on the mission, only approved music). Then he turned on some hispanic music and all the hispanics went and danced, so it was a fun time!

thats all i got, love yall!


Hey Guys!

  So do you know what i hate most? When people go to the internet instead of the bible and prayer for spiritual knowledge. People like to bring up anti and when we ask them where they did research its always the internet. What a world we are in when man relies on man instead of their Great Creator. One of our investigators told us to stop coming by because of things he found on the internet, and was pretty rude about it too. the Weird thing was that he was super chill and nice when we first met with him. but im also pretty sure he worships the internet because thats all he did was bring up how the internet he found this and that and how its the best thing in the world...😶

  i mean other than that the week was Fracking good. we met Alot of cool people and im excited to see how their testimony of Christ develops as we meet with them. we are working with one family in particular where the father lost his faith because of hardships and is slowly building it back up. i decided that we needed to share the Plan of Salvation, or the plan of happiness that our Heavenly Father has provided for us. it was a good lesson but got cut short when he got a call from his brother, so we are going to see how it goes :)

   Also Florencia Sanchez will be Baptized on the 25th if everything goes right! we had an awesome lesson with her with a member and they talked a good long while #bestfrans
she was struggling pretty hard that week but she made it to church and it seems that it helped her out a ton!

     well thats all for right now, pics Below!

1.Swaggin it out with some chillins

2. Noche de hogar! (family home evening)

This is such a trip! 2/6/17

So this week was an awesome week, alot of cool stuff to talk about!

  So, the quote from the drunk lady, really funny story and all. So we get to this house, and its the last house that we were going to stop at for the night, we were going to see this lady alma, but we lost her address and we just knew the general location. so we thought that this house we found was the right house, so we get out and knock on the door. after a few seconds, a lady looks through her blinds and lets out a weird scream saying " HEYEEE". 
  She opens the door and immediately invites us in, but this woman wasnt Alma! when she say who we were, she said " oh crap hahaha, you guys look just like my nephews, this is such a trip." I could smell the scent of beer of her breath, and i just got uncomfortable tbh. i decided to ask anyways if alma live there, but she just told me that no one named alma lived there, in a weird giggly, drunk way. then she said "oh crap, this is such a trip." she ended up saying that like 12 times lol. Then people come out from other doors in the house and say hey to us, and one of the guys in there comes up to us and says "She needs jesus, she drinks too much help her" chuckling at the same time. they eventually tell her to talk to us outside, because she was letting the cold in. She tells him to get her purse and her keys too.... uhhh lady, we arent taking you out idk what you think we are... 
but then i go tell Elder osberg to get a BOM real quick. so he grabs it, and we just start trying to get her to commit to read it, because hey, why not?! i quickly tell her we arent going anywhere but we are just going to talk right there and then we would leave. She starts talking about ho she goes to this baptist church right next to ours. We took the opportunity to be blunt and tell her that church wasnt as cool as ours, just joking around, because ya know, you cant get alot of stuff done with a drunk person. then she started talking about how Jesus loves her, and we were like "thats awesome! youre 100% correct!" and we gave her high fives, alternating back and forth probably about 50 times before she noticed what we were doing, and added in a "this is such a trip!". we left her a BOM and left. it was pretty funny.

     Also, we got a text form other missionaries that a non member needed help moving, so we called this number and she told us were she was and we went and helped. So we go and help her move things to her new house with our truck, but while we talked with her, we learned that she is actually from Brazil, and speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and average English. it was funny because she would refer to things by their Portuguese name and elder osberg and i would get confused on what we needed to grab until she pointed it out lol. And she mixed Portuguese and Spanish alot haha. 
 when everything was finally moved and everything, we talked to her some more about our purpose as missionaries, and she got really interested in what we had to say, who we were, and our stories. Anyways, We learn that she had a desire to learn more about God, but no church she ever attended felt right, and that she'd love to hear our message! Then i remembered right before i left Riverside, i found a Portuguese BOM and just thought it was cool so i took it. But i think i was guided to it for a reason, because she loved that she could read it in her native tongue, and i told her we would bring it the friday that we would meet on next. I know God always has something to do with everything in our lives, i dont think it was a coincidence that i just randomly "found" that BOM in the old apartment. God is wise.

Lastly, Florencia was found interviewed for baptism and is worthy to be baptized now! We are thinking that she will be baptized in about 2-3 weeks, as long as she comes to church. she kinda has memory problems, and when i asked if she forgot it was sunday, very jokingly, she answered yes, seriously... lol.

    thats all for this week! i wrote alot gosh dang it if you read all of it youre a G!



Diddly wack mack Mormon Daddies


      well, im emailing on a Wednesday, thats super weird, but it wont be like this next week, we just had 0 time yesterday because we had our temple trip and all that. Anyways, this week has been a pretty bomb week here in the Perris/Menifee Area.

      SO, this has been my first week in this area, and i really, really like it. Can i just start out by saying Riverside is not my fav city, however its home to some of my fav people :). But im glad to be out of there hahaha, Perris and Menifee are like flatter with a few mountains and hills scattered around, and not as populated, so thats something i like. the people i have meet here are pretty promising, and we are working with a few peeps right now that we picked up in the last week. Im super excited to help these people through.

     We went to the Redlands temple yesterday, and it was soooo awesome. Its true when they say ever time time you go you learn something new. The Redlands temple is also super pretty, and prolly my fav one ive been to!

    Also, on that same P-day, Elder Osberg and i decided to to be a little adventurous, so we climbed a mountain, and took some pretty dope Pictures too. It did take us about 50 minutes to climb it, but that was because it was straight mountain, with no trails or anything. But the View, and the Photographs taken, were unreal...

 So yeah, i know your jaws are dropped already if you went down to see the pics. Looks like Cali is a cool place after all, you just have to go get it 😜

We also found some really cool people this week, Jesus and Cesar. Jesus is super intelligent in the bible, and i like him alot because he throws down on the Catholic church hahaha! We met him this last week and told us to return to the house he was fixing up, but this last lesson we had with him yesterday, was so filled with the spirit, and i guess because of the things we testified of, he gave us his home address, so trust = made.

Cesar was a cool guy, he felt the spirit hard in our lesson when i asked him to be baptized, and there was a silence, and he almost cried like 3 times. I dont give justice the help we recieve from the guidance of the holy spirit, and the help our Heavenly Father gives us, because its not us who does good, but Him who does!

i also didnt go in depth with them, because i hate typing, lol

bye guys!


Polar Pop Addiction

   Hey guys! another good week in the CRM!

this week was a pretty good week for elder Osberg and I. the work is progressing rather well, and the people we are finding really seem to have interest in the message that we bring. We had an awesome lesson with this guy Ceasar and his GF. it was crazy, because she was raised Jehova witness, but she didnt bash with us! What a miracle! she also accepted what we proved to her about the BOM from the bible just like that... it was weird. they agreed to do the basic commitments so we have high hopes for them :)

We also had a good lesson with a woman named Florencia, we have high hopes she will be baptized, she has a date now for the 12th of February so we are just working on getting her to church more often! #nocar

 trying to spell some words in English have become difficult, i half contemplate doing some spanglish action. i dont have any problem with speaking english, nor will i, but idk why, typing is just another story.

Yeah so this next week should be good we are going to visit a young family that has big potential, and a couple others that seem solid.

Also, today, elder osberg and i straight killed it in ultimate frisbee. pics bellllloooowww.

New area! 1/17/17

So hiya!

      Well by the title you can tell i have a new area now. I now serve in a place called Menifee! My new companion is elder osberg, and hes a pretty rad dude. He is from Calgary Canada, and we have been out the same time in the mission. I think we will get along pretty great!
      Im instantly liking Menifee alot better than Riverside, because its not as ugly. Riverside was an area of really sweet good people, but it was dirty and not too attractive. Menifee is not as congested and it has alot more open space, so im enjoying that. and since winter kicked in, its been alot colder and it has been raining a ton, so thats pretty cool, excpet for the part where i didnt think it rained and i dont have anything that can really keep me super dry, oh well!!!

    So i have a pic of Elder Osberg and i, but i look super wierd and not pleasing to the eye in my opinion, but ill throw it in anyway

So Where are my old comps now?! Well Elder Paxton became AP, so he left to la Sierra, and he will die (end his mission) AP. Elder Sanchez is now being trained by Elder Beal, back in Riverside.

One thing that i am happy about being in this companionship with elder Osberg is that i dont hav to stick around for 12 Week (missionary Training program that trainers have to do with their trainees). Thats a pain, an extra hour of study, but it helps in the Long run i do suppose haha.

Well, ill give you an update on how things go! See ya!

Love E.B.

infinite peace signs and a holy bowl of pasta 1/9/17

Well Today we Hiked up Mt. Rubidoux (i pronounce it Ruby-ducks) and it was actually alot more fun then i thought it would be. The view was pretty amazing tho, we could see our area and the zone next to us, which was pretty cool. We took some pretty cool pics there, and this week in general.

         So We had some Freaking awesome experiences this week!

    First off, we went to go have a lesson with one of our most elect investigators. Its always awesome to go over there with them, because they just want the gospel in their lives, and they just love the heck out of us. Benjamin, likes to talk, and i mean a lot a lot. Its so funny, because his wife julia looks at us when he goes off and rolls her eyes and when we start laughing benjamin things we are laughing with him, God bless him! anyway, as we are verifying that they have been praying about if joseph smith was a prophet, Julia stops us and asks if she could share something and of course we agree. Well, she told us the last time we were over, that night she dreamed a dream, in which she saw God and asked him if joseph smith was a prophet and he told her yes! 
MY INVESTIGATORS ARE HAVING VISIONS! Haha it was a fun experience nontheless. Benjamin then started saying that if people have beef with joseph smith its because they havent read the book of mormon and/or researched him through correct sources, so yeah, pretty prepared by the Lord those 2 are.

   The second thing was really cool too! So yesterday, Elder Paxton and I were walking to see another investigator, but we didnt have an appointment with them tho. As we approach the house, Elder Paxton and i hear the door to a house open. I turn around and there is just this man staring out at us. I felt an immediate prompting to go talk to the guy, and as i was contacting him, he allowed us to come in and share the message we bring. As we talk, we soon find out that this man has gone through a little bit of heartache in his life. His wife left him and took his 3 kids with her, and since he has just been really hurt. This was a great opportunity to share the gospel with him, because this gospel heals the broken hearts, the hardships, anything, and i know it for a fact. He is a pretty prepared human for the gospel as well. i love being a missionary, its pretty awesome.

Well thats all today!

Jan. 3rd, 2017

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year! 

         This last week was a pretty slow week as far as missionary work goes. Many people told us we couldn't come and talk because of family being over and junk like that. Holidays are hard for some reason, when it should really be the time where we can visit with these families, because our message is so centered in Christ and in his teachings, it would be especially appropriate in that Christmas time. However its their loss i guess...

        So referring to the title of this letter, my middle finger is quite swollen. I jammed it about 5-6 weeks ago playing basketball, and the swelling just hasn't gone down. My companions like to compare it to my thumb, because its thicker than it LOL. it doesnt hurt to bad, or maybe i got used to the pain, i couldnt tell you. it could be broken i dont know, and i dont really care either, i just find it funny.

We had some cool little spiritual experiences yesterday though. 

         So we go up to this house for an appointment with a woman whos name i shall call stacy. She is a thug looking woman but her outward appearance doesnt match with whats on the inside. As we were teaching her about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, she opened up to us, and shared her trials of her drug addiction and wanting to get her children back. the spirit filled the room as we testified of the love and mercy of our Heavenly Father, and his son Jesus Christ. She really enjoyed our message, and invited us back again this week.
       Then right after that, we head out to another appointment, and as soon as we knock on the door the woman opens up the door and says "you Guys arrived just in time, were praying." i didnt exactly understand what she meant by that until i walked in and her whole family was there, and she wanted us to pray for them because her father is dying. The whole of them was pretty distraught looking. Elder Paxton offered a pretty beautiful Prayer that brought tears to the eyes of almost every single one of them. Many said it was exactly what they needed.
      The best Part of being a missionary is the service that we have the privilege of doing. its the most wonderful feeling to know that you have helped some one in their time of need, through a message of Christ. There is no  other more important work on this earth amiright?!

Love E.B
December 27, 2016

Hey Everyone! I Hope Yall had a wonderful Christmas!

     This year was super weird not being home for Christmas, first time ever not being with my mom and dad. However, i had an awesome Christmas! Christmas for missionaries is one of 2 special days that missionaries can skype their familes. It was really good to see all my family, even my sisters and their husbands joined the call, we shared some laughs, exchanged news and that sorta stuff. Im super thankful for the opportunity i have to serve the lord here in his vineyard in Riverside, California. defintamente creo que vale la pena!

Well, i have a pretty funny story to tell you all. 

So, We received a referral earlier this transfer from a man that wanted to take discussions from the missionaries, but we thought it wasnt in our area, but it was sent back to us so we hustled to contact him and set an appointment up. However he didnt answer our calls, so since we had his address, we thought we could go give him a visit because he has been waiting for us for a week or 2. 

So we put his address in the GPS, and he lives on the very border of our area, but we dont care, and we are driving along just exuberant to met this guy! When we get to the road he lives on, we soon find out that it is a dirt road, out in the boonies of Perris, California. Still determined, we drive in our nice 2017 Malibu as it pours down rain from the heavens, in about 55 degree weather. 

So we find a house but we have no clue if it is him or not, so we give him one last call for the night, and no answer. So, we decided to pray. Literally 10 seconds after we got a call from him and we set an appointment up for the following day.

For all you non believers, God exists, and he answers prayers, just saying. And if thats not enough, listen to this:

So, we are trying to make our way out of the Boonies, and as we try to get around, our car gets stuck in the mud. Elder Sanchez and I try to push us out while Elder Paxton Drove, but no luck, so we called our Zone leaders. When our Zone leaders got there, they had no clue what the got into lol! Our car was covered in mud to the axle. So Elders Haglar, luthy and i started digging the car out. Let me just say that those guys not how to dig a car out haha! We put in that work. However it was still difficult to get the car out, and the rain and cold wasnt helping us either. Elder Haglar and Luthy decided to pray that we could get this car out while Elder Paxton and i went walking to find someone that was coming to help us. Well, we never found them haha, but when we returned we put our shoulders to the Wheel, and with the strength of God, we pushed the sucker out and up a hill. Yeah, power of prayer WUT.

Heres some pics:


December 19, 2016

SO, how crazy is it that Christmas is this Sunday, super crazy i think. Its weird to think that ive been out for about 4 1/2 months already. Gotta say, i freakin love it. its super hard yes, at tad stressful, and aggravating at times, but i wouldn't trade this time for anything. Its pretty rewarding i might add, not by money, because i dont get payed to be out here, but to see others come closer to their Heavenly Father and see their faith in Christ grow is the best feeling ever. And i get to help, it makes me feel pretty special.

       This week was pretty good! But my Diet wasn't. i hate to admit this, but my companions and i Ate restaurant/ Fast Food 5 days out of this last week...  like yeah i was pretty happy as i ate, but after when i thought about what i ate, and the quantity thereof, i got pretty depressed haha. Its ridiculously hard to lose weight and eat healthy here, not because its not available, but because its not convenient, and we have to be time savvy. So when you see the 3 boxes of Pizza down below, yes, we all ate a box a piece. Help....

        So pretty funny story: A member of our congregation, Hermano Barraza, and i went to go teach a woman named Anna last Tuesday. When we arrived on the street, and started walking to her house, we saw 3 little German Shepard puppies wandering the street together, and we were wondering who let their dogs out or if they were just stray. Anyways, we get in with Anna and we are sitting outside her house teaching a lesson, when this puppies come up and plop down near us. As we finish, we find out that these pups are hers( and obviously doesnt take could care of them :( ). As we talk she mentions how shes trying to get rid of them, and she says that she will give them away for free. Now, i know what you could be thinking, No i didnt get a puppy, unfortunately. However, Hermano Barraza did... His dad has wanted a dog ever since they had to return one that his dad got really attached to, so we stayed and waited as he texted and called his mom and wife, and when he got the ok, we took one and brought her back to his house. When we get back to where my other companions were, One inquired why we took so long, and coincidentally asked "What do you have in their a dog?" Its was pretty hilarious when i did pull out a puppy out of the car haha. Hermano barraza brought the puppy to his dad, and his dads face just lit up, and immediately took it from him. its was pretty heart warming Tbh.

Well this week was good, but it was really rough for me in the beginning. But i attempted to get out of the pit i was in towards the end of the week. prolly annoyed my comps a tad but it happens sometimes, when you just get sad and nothing really works as you want it. But it did get better, and i feel pretty pumped for this week!

Also, our Apartment got broken into.... But the theif sucked at his job, because he stole only Elder Paxton's a guitar and cheap dvd player, when there was much more valuable stuff. what a loser!

Much love

Elder Bailey

Included are some pretty rad pics of my comps and I