Sunday, April 16, 2017

Transfers once again! 4/10/17

Hey everyone, this might be a shorter one!

          So transfers happened this last weekend, and Elder Osberg is headed out to La Sierra in Riverside. We had an awesome 2 transfers and we got alot of work done! excited to see him again in the future! My new companion isnt really new to me, Elder sanchez was sent to me, so we will be doing another transfer or 2 again together! hes a really good guy and a Hard worker too, so im excited to see what we can do! Also alot of my favorite missionaries from this Zone are leaving too, so thats kinda sad, hopefully ill get moved to one of them before they end their missions here in 7 months!

           Im still being questioned why i dont have an accent when im from TN. I really dont understand developing accents, because i never really got one from the 18 years i lived there... quien sabe porque...

          Unfortunately, the member that brings Santiago to church slept in, so we confirm him a member last sunday. but i dont blame this member, because hes freaking awesome and helps us out alot AND works like 10-15 hours a day. so we are just going to do it next sunday, and thats gonna be an awesome experience!

      We had a super bomb lesson and but these people on a baptismal date, but they perfer english, so we have to pass them over... lame! but they will totally be baptized, which is super exciting.

  Well thats it for this week!  

A letter from the mission president

9 April 2017

 Dear Brother and Sister Bailey,

I am pleased to let you know that Elder Bradley Homer Bailey has received the assignment to serve as a District Leader in the California Riverside Mission. This special assignment will offer your son an opportunity for leadership growth. He will have the sacred responsibility to lead and teach those missionaries who are within his district. The Lord has chosen him for his outstanding performance and commitment.

You can take pride in his missionary accomplishments. I am indeed grateful for the training and guidance you have provided that has helped qualify him for this opportunity.

Thank you for your support, and may the Lord be with you always.

Faithfully yours,

John H. Mullen, PresidentCalifornia Riverside Mission  

Subimos la Montana otra vez 4/3/17

   Yeah, and because we climbed that mountain again, im freaking sore and cut up. but the pics we took were pretty rad. WE MADE IT TO THE TOP THIS TIME! last time we mad it like 3/4 the way up, and since Elder Osberg is probs leaving in a week, we had to finish it! Pics in a link below.

    Santiago was Baptized this last Saturday! too hype!! Elder Osberg baptized him, and ill be doing the confirmation this sunday, because General conference was this last weekend. We baptized him after the 2 regular sessions, and we had a really good turn out from the members in our ward. This guy is awesome, super sweet looking old man. Hes already calling a less active back to church(his next door neighbor)! CONVERT.

     General Conference was so awesome. If you didnt already know, we believe in a modern day prophet that still talks to God directly and 12 apostles that help and guide the church just like Jesus Christ established( Ephesians 2:19 ; 4:11-14). And in General conference, we get the opportunity to hear from these great men, and other selected General Authorities of the church. IF YOU WANT TO REALLY KNOW what we believe, id watch it. its on
     Anyways, i really enjoyed this General Conference, one of my fav talks was about "The Eternal Langauge", talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. He compares it to how many children from hispanic parents speak better English than their parents Mother-tongue, and by there kids, many arent taught Spanish, and hence lose the language. he focuses on how we must continually maintain the langauge of the Gospel in our homes and in the lives of our children, and even us. Go read it!!

       This week i learned a lesson about spiritual promptings. As we were going to try by an investigators house, i saw a woman cleaning up some cut weeds in her lawn. Here in the mission, and im sure in ever other mission, the moto is, TALK TO EVERYONE! because you never know who is willing to accept the message we bring. I had a thought that i should to talk to her. i gave a look to elder osberg to see if its someone he has already talked to that hates missionaries (there are quite a few). When i received the notion that he hadnt talked to her before i walked over to over some help. she declined that offer, but accept us into her home, and we were able to pick up her, her daughter, and her mother-in-law as new investigators. A spiritual prompting isnt always a slap in the face, or be a pressing feeling, it can happen in more suddle ways like a thought! 

Love yall!


 Hello mis seres Queridos

         This week has been a good one, buts its been an even hotter one. The lows have been 88 and the highs in the low 90s, so its just hot all the fetching time. but ya know, thats just how it is, and im going to have to get used to worse, because in the summer time it gets 20 degrees hotter :)

        We had some awesome lessons this week. We are still teaching Santiago! that guy is awesome. always wanting to go to church, keep commitments, what a guy! we taught him the Word of Wisdom(abstaining from coffee, tea, alcohol,tabacco, illegal drugs, anything addictive really, and eating healthy) this week, and we though he might have a few probs with it with coffee or something, but no, he doesnt do anything, so hes on track for success!

        We also had a great lesson with a guy named Santana. hes a younger guy thats recovering his faith in Christ and just sincerely looking for the truth. He has alot of doubts, about everything really. he is also meeting with the jehova witnesses -_- . but if he really prays he will find out that our message is true. Really guys, as missionaries we teach what we KNOW is TRUE, then we just ask our investigators to pray with real intent if its true. super simple. And people become happy. also our Ward mission leader was there, and he is a convert to the church, and he bore a powerful testimony, its was dope.

       We also had a cool lesson with a Manuel and his wife. Manuel is a super cool guy, but his kids play soccer on Sunday... lame. But he said that when the dont have a game early in the morning he will come. so thats good. a little problem is that he says he will only want to continue going to the church and be baptized if he feels comfortable and good at church. i mean, thats super important and all, but its important to be converted to the gospel, not just how things go at church. we shall see.



youthz 3/6/17

hey everyone!

   this last week was an awesome week!

      to start off, we had 3 people come to church, which was super cool! Santiago, One of the people that came to church is an investigator that we met this last week really liked the message of the Restoration and came to church. when we met with him he mentioned he didnt have transportation, so we told him we would find someone to get him and bring him at 8:30. He calls us thinking that we said 7:30, wandering where we were at. 

This is insane, 1. because usually no one wants to come to church.
                      2. because he called US wondering who is getting him, and no one calls us... and we                             give our number out to everyone offering service and to our investigators all the                               time

so yeah, it was pretty exciting, at church he commented a bunch that he wanted to be baptized and that he feels more youthful sitting by elder Osberg and I. Youthz

      We also met a really cool man named Manuel. he was really interested in what we had to say. we are going to share with him the whole message of the Restoration this saturday, and if he doesnt have any soccer games for his kids, he said he would come to church, really awesome guy. we put him and his 2 kids on date for April 8th, so it will be exciting what happens.

   So a couple of days ago marked my 7 month mark. the mission is weird, it goes by fast and slow at the same time, but always enjoyable. 

   One thing that i have really enjoyed doing as a missionary is really digging into the bible. its crazy what truths you may find when you really go deep in a verse or chapter. im trying to read the bible all the way through starting at Genesis, and so far its been a blast. the old testament is a little peculiar tho...


baptism! 2/27/17

Hey guys!

        This week was a pretty awesome week! AS you can tell from the title of this week, Florencia was baptized and confirmed this last weekend! it was some awesome spiritual experiences, Florencia has changed a lot. when i came into this area, she seemed very quiet and shy towards us, she always let us come by but the last couple of weeks she has really opened up to us so that we have been able to help her to this step in her life. she also has like a super bad short term memory, she usually forgets its sunday or church was on sunday, but this last sunday, we didnt even have to remind her... thats a miracle let me tell you that!

        We also had a really good lesson about the Plan of Salvation with a family we are teaching. This family is a young family, that have had some recent hardships come into their paths the last couple weeks. that lesson seemed to have help them feel a little better. the Plan of salvation for those who dont know is the plan that God has prepared for us so that we can be happy in this life and prepare to live with Him for eternity with our families! its all centered on the Atonement(the sacrifice of Jesus Christ) and the decisions that we make in this life. its a pretty awesome message, and im glad i get to share it with others!

      So Elder Osberg and i are doing another 6 weeks together! i feel sorry for him tho, because when he finishes this transfer, he will have been in this area for 7 1/2 months... he hasnt been outside of the perris/menifee area. At least he gets to be with another cool missionary(me) instead of someone super difficult or new.

      We also had a lesson that lasted 2 hours because this guy just wouldnt stop talking. we didnt really mind that much because it seemed her just needed someone to talk to. he is a really cool guy too, he accepts invitations to do things, so we hope he keeps his commitments with the Lord.

   thats all for this week!

1. Picture with Florencia and Claudio
2. pic with Elder brown and Elder Cox

3.pic with Elders whiting,jones (taught florencia long ago) and the spanish sisters

oh Harold 2/21/17


So almost every time we go emailing, there is a man named Harold, who is an older man from the Hawaiian islands, who always comes to talk to us. He thinks that Elder Osberg and i are super tight with him, and he always calls us "his boys"😂. The funny part is that whenever he comes over to us, he tells us super inappropriate jokes lol. he also does artwork and projects of that sort, and you can probably guess that they arent very morally clean. Needless to say, he probs needs a girlfriend.

This week was awesome! We are straight slaying the game. One of our investigators that i have mentioned before, Florencia, has her baptism this Saturday! hyped for that! Whats even more Crazy is that her husband came to church with her! 
it was super funny because we were in Sunday school and the teacher asked a question to Claudio (husband of florencia), and after he answered we gave him a fistbump. then she asked one to florencia and we did the same thing with her. Eventually, a little competition broke out, and the tried to comment more than the other, and the other members were getting into it too, and telling us things like "oh yeah, that was a good one, give him/her a fistbump". it was hilarious.

There was also a ward valentines day party, it was pretty lit! one of the members is a DJ, and he started playing some seriously dope electronic music, and it was hard to stand still! Elder osberg was going crazy, he loves that stuff, i thought he was gonna have like a panic attack or something haha! (for those who dont know, we dont listen to that kind of stuff on the mission, only approved music). Then he turned on some hispanic music and all the hispanics went and danced, so it was a fun time!

thats all i got, love yall!