Sunday, April 16, 2017

Diddly wack mack Mormon Daddies


      well, im emailing on a Wednesday, thats super weird, but it wont be like this next week, we just had 0 time yesterday because we had our temple trip and all that. Anyways, this week has been a pretty bomb week here in the Perris/Menifee Area.

      SO, this has been my first week in this area, and i really, really like it. Can i just start out by saying Riverside is not my fav city, however its home to some of my fav people :). But im glad to be out of there hahaha, Perris and Menifee are like flatter with a few mountains and hills scattered around, and not as populated, so thats something i like. the people i have meet here are pretty promising, and we are working with a few peeps right now that we picked up in the last week. Im super excited to help these people through.

     We went to the Redlands temple yesterday, and it was soooo awesome. Its true when they say ever time time you go you learn something new. The Redlands temple is also super pretty, and prolly my fav one ive been to!

    Also, on that same P-day, Elder Osberg and i decided to to be a little adventurous, so we climbed a mountain, and took some pretty dope Pictures too. It did take us about 50 minutes to climb it, but that was because it was straight mountain, with no trails or anything. But the View, and the Photographs taken, were unreal...

 So yeah, i know your jaws are dropped already if you went down to see the pics. Looks like Cali is a cool place after all, you just have to go get it 😜

We also found some really cool people this week, Jesus and Cesar. Jesus is super intelligent in the bible, and i like him alot because he throws down on the Catholic church hahaha! We met him this last week and told us to return to the house he was fixing up, but this last lesson we had with him yesterday, was so filled with the spirit, and i guess because of the things we testified of, he gave us his home address, so trust = made.

Cesar was a cool guy, he felt the spirit hard in our lesson when i asked him to be baptized, and there was a silence, and he almost cried like 3 times. I dont give justice the help we recieve from the guidance of the holy spirit, and the help our Heavenly Father gives us, because its not us who does good, but Him who does!

i also didnt go in depth with them, because i hate typing, lol

bye guys!


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