Sunday, April 16, 2017

Polar Pop Addiction

   Hey guys! another good week in the CRM!

this week was a pretty good week for elder Osberg and I. the work is progressing rather well, and the people we are finding really seem to have interest in the message that we bring. We had an awesome lesson with this guy Ceasar and his GF. it was crazy, because she was raised Jehova witness, but she didnt bash with us! What a miracle! she also accepted what we proved to her about the BOM from the bible just like that... it was weird. they agreed to do the basic commitments so we have high hopes for them :)

We also had a good lesson with a woman named Florencia, we have high hopes she will be baptized, she has a date now for the 12th of February so we are just working on getting her to church more often! #nocar

 trying to spell some words in English have become difficult, i half contemplate doing some spanglish action. i dont have any problem with speaking english, nor will i, but idk why, typing is just another story.

Yeah so this next week should be good we are going to visit a young family that has big potential, and a couple others that seem solid.

Also, today, elder osberg and i straight killed it in ultimate frisbee. pics bellllloooowww.

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