Thursday, December 15, 2016

i'm pretty tired yall..

  One thing that i will say is more annoying than Hispanics asking me if i voted for Donald Trump (because it happened all the time, every single time we talked to em too) is when people learn that i am from TN and ask where my country accent is. I dont think people understand that you can grow up in the south and not develop a heavy country accent. its like saying every person in Utah is a Mormon, obvi not true. Though i am very proud of being a Tennessean, i just dont have a thick accent😉

Yeah is i am also thoroughly enjoying the Trio life. I have some pretty rocking companions! Elders Paxton and Sanchez are some pretty dope humans. We all have similar senses of humor, so that helps alot. Elder Paxton is from Provo, Utah and he is as i said before a Phenomenal missionary! His spanish is superb, and he really knows how to work hard, which is awesome because i try to work hard lol. He has a really nice voice, he sings really well, and all the time, but i dont mind it because it sounds good haha. i wish i could frackin sing, that would be stellar, not the case however...
Elder Sanchez was born in Costa Rica (No its not an island, yes i made the same ignorant mistake too in the MTC) and migrated over to Los Estados Unidos when he was 6. He lived in Canada tho for a super long time before his fam settled in Lehi, Utah. his spanish is obvi great so i prolly do have the worst spanish in the Trio. However, i would like to toot my own horn and say that Elder Paxton said i have pretty good spanish for only being out for 4 months. i mean i try✌

So i do have picks of us, so thats pretty rad, or should i say B-Rad😂
yeah i need to stop...

Elder PAxton calls me a "Dirty Little Hipster" but id say he is just as bad, or worse tbh, also in the second pic it looks like i have a 5 o clock shadow, idk why.

I am def enjoying having cardigans and longer hair, lets see how long i can grow it out, place predictions below in the comment section. if this blog even has a comment section, and if people other than my family and Bailey reads this, who knows?

Oh and you know i go hard in P-Day Basketball, getting significantly better.


Elder Bailey


YOYOYO what is up good people of this dispensation.

So today marks the first day of the new transfer. This will be my 4th in the mission, 3rd in the field! also i hit my 4 month mark, which is pretty cray and all, because its gone by decently fast. dont get me wrong there was definitely slow times, but overall, i dont  know where the time went haha! Also, i finished my training this last transfer, and that is pretty sweet.

I got a new companion(s). The reason why i did the weird thing with the word companion(s) is because i have one now, and we will be getting another tomorrow, Yes i will be in a trio...

So my new companion is Elder Paxton, hes been out for about 14-15 months, and he is a phenomenal missionary. i served along side him in our zone because he was one of our zone leaders last transfer. He's crazy good, and his spanish is impeccable. im am going to get so much better at spanish, because he told me we will be speaking spanish most of the time, with few exceptions, so thats something ahaha. he is super intense, maybe as i have mentioned before.  The trainee comes in tomorrow, but we dont know which one we will be getting. 

With a trio, means we needed a bigger apartment, so we switched apartments today, that was a lot of work. i get my own bathroom this transfer tho, thats super exciting!

So yesterday was the Christmas devotional from the First Presidency of the church. it was pretty lit not going to lie. Christmas time is a special time, and i love it mean talks are prepared solely on the coming of Christ, the holy ghost, and other nativity and Christmas themes. My testimony of Christ as my Savior grows each time i hear these men called of God talk.

There is a christmas initiative that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has put out, Called #Lighttheworld. This initiative is about how we can do things Christ did while he was on this earth, because he served wherever he went, and he was our perfect example. We may not be able to heal the blind or cure the sick, but we can do things similar to it. For every day there are multiple ways to serve in our community, in the ways Christ did. its an awesome way to get into the christmas spirit, everyone should try it out!

So i just have to tell you guys, Hispanics can be one of the most loving and friendly people you can ever meet. so this week, Elder patterson and i were going around to some people so he could say good bye, because he is headed to moreno valley. 

So as we went to go by this one woman who is so awesome, loves the church but isnt baptized because she lives with her boyfriend, but all of her children are baptized. anyway, we had to go to her friends house up the street to go see her, because she was there with her and her yard sale. When we got there and as we were talking, Her friend looked at my shoes (which were destroyed) and asked me right then and there what size i wore. i was caught off guard, and i and no clue why she wanted to know that, but i told her i wore anywhere from a 9 1/2 to 10 1/2. Well, she got out of her seat and went inside and brought out these nice dress shoes and told me to try them on. Once she knew that they fit decently well, she told me to give her my shoes, and we would do a trade. LIKE WHAT? i asked her if she wanted me to pay her but she insisted. I got red, because i was kinda uncomfortable taking these nice shoes for my crappy ones. I felt so much love for this woman and the hispanic culture in general, almost every hispanic we meet is so nice. Its such a blessing to serve in a spanish area!

See ya later yall, thats all i gots!

Elder Bailey

What is Life

Hey everyone! i hope yall had a great Thanksgiving! Elder Patterson and i had a pretty good one! Holidays in the mission are the best! Depending on the holiday, we sometimes get the whole day off, Thanksgiving was like that! in the morning, 4 zones of missionaries gathered to play football, how american right? i didnt play tho, my knee/leg has been bothering the heck out of me, and i dont really enjoy it. We ate some good food later on in the day (no tomales tho😣) and a 6 we gathered to watch a movie and play basketball, it was pretty fun. 

          Well unfortunately, our investigators didnt pass their interviews, so we have to continue working with them. it was really sad for us, because we want them to have this in their lives, just coffee is stopping them, and i few minor things too. They are great people, and ive really learned to love them alot. i mean ivee been working with them for almost 3 months now! It will be such a great time when they are ready, ill prolly cry.

          Yesterday ended my Senior Week! I think i did pretty good! E. Patt said so( however i cant ever tell if hes lying or not lol😅). But with thanksgiving in the way, i still think i had a productive week. Hopefully president doesnt think i suck, thats all i worry about lol. It was an eye opening experience to be The Senior Companion for a week. I had to plan everyday, i had to start everything, and pretty much just take over the whole thing. it was hard, but it was definitely a good thing, and i learned alot from it!

        I went on exchanges with one of our Zone leaders, Elder Paxton. He is a Phenomenal missionary! His Spanish, is soooooooooooooo good. Hes been out about 16 months i think, i just hope i can be as good as him at spanish. He definitely gets my " Most likely to go camping award" (because hes so INTENSE😂, you know that one was funny c'mon).             
        Thats one thing that is not always great, is when youre so focused you forget to have fun, intensity is good only to a certain level, you know what i mean?

        Well transfers are next week, and that means i finish training! Finally amiright! Ill probably be getting a new companion, but we wont know till saturday night, and literally, anything can happen, so we cant get hopes up or anything. Elder Patterson has been in this area for almost 6 months, so we think hes about to leave, pero, vamos a ver!

         I do feel like my spanish is getting pretty good, but i cant ever tell how good. I know im no where near super good, but id say decent.
         While getting my hair cut today i talked to the owner in spanish (shes colombian) and she said my pronounciation was good, and i was like, Shoot, stop it lol. However she cut my hair a tad to short( its still pretty long but i was trying to grow it out as much as i could) it doesnt look bad its just shorter, i crie.
           I still got alot to learn, but im pretty sure im growing fast. and its pretty fun too, when you can just speak in spanish the whole time and understand, its the best feeling ever!

Well thats about it, have a great week!

Elder Brad Bailey