Sunday, April 16, 2017

New area! 1/17/17

So hiya!

      Well by the title you can tell i have a new area now. I now serve in a place called Menifee! My new companion is elder osberg, and hes a pretty rad dude. He is from Calgary Canada, and we have been out the same time in the mission. I think we will get along pretty great!
      Im instantly liking Menifee alot better than Riverside, because its not as ugly. Riverside was an area of really sweet good people, but it was dirty and not too attractive. Menifee is not as congested and it has alot more open space, so im enjoying that. and since winter kicked in, its been alot colder and it has been raining a ton, so thats pretty cool, excpet for the part where i didnt think it rained and i dont have anything that can really keep me super dry, oh well!!!

    So i have a pic of Elder Osberg and i, but i look super wierd and not pleasing to the eye in my opinion, but ill throw it in anyway

So Where are my old comps now?! Well Elder Paxton became AP, so he left to la Sierra, and he will die (end his mission) AP. Elder Sanchez is now being trained by Elder Beal, back in Riverside.

One thing that i am happy about being in this companionship with elder Osberg is that i dont hav to stick around for 12 Week (missionary Training program that trainers have to do with their trainees). Thats a pain, an extra hour of study, but it helps in the Long run i do suppose haha.

Well, ill give you an update on how things go! See ya!

Love E.B.

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