Sunday, April 16, 2017

December 27, 2016

Hey Everyone! I Hope Yall had a wonderful Christmas!

     This year was super weird not being home for Christmas, first time ever not being with my mom and dad. However, i had an awesome Christmas! Christmas for missionaries is one of 2 special days that missionaries can skype their familes. It was really good to see all my family, even my sisters and their husbands joined the call, we shared some laughs, exchanged news and that sorta stuff. Im super thankful for the opportunity i have to serve the lord here in his vineyard in Riverside, California. defintamente creo que vale la pena!

Well, i have a pretty funny story to tell you all. 

So, We received a referral earlier this transfer from a man that wanted to take discussions from the missionaries, but we thought it wasnt in our area, but it was sent back to us so we hustled to contact him and set an appointment up. However he didnt answer our calls, so since we had his address, we thought we could go give him a visit because he has been waiting for us for a week or 2. 

So we put his address in the GPS, and he lives on the very border of our area, but we dont care, and we are driving along just exuberant to met this guy! When we get to the road he lives on, we soon find out that it is a dirt road, out in the boonies of Perris, California. Still determined, we drive in our nice 2017 Malibu as it pours down rain from the heavens, in about 55 degree weather. 

So we find a house but we have no clue if it is him or not, so we give him one last call for the night, and no answer. So, we decided to pray. Literally 10 seconds after we got a call from him and we set an appointment up for the following day.

For all you non believers, God exists, and he answers prayers, just saying. And if thats not enough, listen to this:

So, we are trying to make our way out of the Boonies, and as we try to get around, our car gets stuck in the mud. Elder Sanchez and I try to push us out while Elder Paxton Drove, but no luck, so we called our Zone leaders. When our Zone leaders got there, they had no clue what the got into lol! Our car was covered in mud to the axle. So Elders Haglar, luthy and i started digging the car out. Let me just say that those guys not how to dig a car out haha! We put in that work. However it was still difficult to get the car out, and the rain and cold wasnt helping us either. Elder Haglar and Luthy decided to pray that we could get this car out while Elder Paxton and i went walking to find someone that was coming to help us. Well, we never found them haha, but when we returned we put our shoulders to the Wheel, and with the strength of God, we pushed the sucker out and up a hill. Yeah, power of prayer WUT.

Heres some pics:

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