Sunday, April 16, 2017

This is such a trip! 2/6/17

So this week was an awesome week, alot of cool stuff to talk about!

  So, the quote from the drunk lady, really funny story and all. So we get to this house, and its the last house that we were going to stop at for the night, we were going to see this lady alma, but we lost her address and we just knew the general location. so we thought that this house we found was the right house, so we get out and knock on the door. after a few seconds, a lady looks through her blinds and lets out a weird scream saying " HEYEEE". 
  She opens the door and immediately invites us in, but this woman wasnt Alma! when she say who we were, she said " oh crap hahaha, you guys look just like my nephews, this is such a trip." I could smell the scent of beer of her breath, and i just got uncomfortable tbh. i decided to ask anyways if alma live there, but she just told me that no one named alma lived there, in a weird giggly, drunk way. then she said "oh crap, this is such a trip." she ended up saying that like 12 times lol. Then people come out from other doors in the house and say hey to us, and one of the guys in there comes up to us and says "She needs jesus, she drinks too much help her" chuckling at the same time. they eventually tell her to talk to us outside, because she was letting the cold in. She tells him to get her purse and her keys too.... uhhh lady, we arent taking you out idk what you think we are... 
but then i go tell Elder osberg to get a BOM real quick. so he grabs it, and we just start trying to get her to commit to read it, because hey, why not?! i quickly tell her we arent going anywhere but we are just going to talk right there and then we would leave. She starts talking about ho she goes to this baptist church right next to ours. We took the opportunity to be blunt and tell her that church wasnt as cool as ours, just joking around, because ya know, you cant get alot of stuff done with a drunk person. then she started talking about how Jesus loves her, and we were like "thats awesome! youre 100% correct!" and we gave her high fives, alternating back and forth probably about 50 times before she noticed what we were doing, and added in a "this is such a trip!". we left her a BOM and left. it was pretty funny.

     Also, we got a text form other missionaries that a non member needed help moving, so we called this number and she told us were she was and we went and helped. So we go and help her move things to her new house with our truck, but while we talked with her, we learned that she is actually from Brazil, and speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and average English. it was funny because she would refer to things by their Portuguese name and elder osberg and i would get confused on what we needed to grab until she pointed it out lol. And she mixed Portuguese and Spanish alot haha. 
 when everything was finally moved and everything, we talked to her some more about our purpose as missionaries, and she got really interested in what we had to say, who we were, and our stories. Anyways, We learn that she had a desire to learn more about God, but no church she ever attended felt right, and that she'd love to hear our message! Then i remembered right before i left Riverside, i found a Portuguese BOM and just thought it was cool so i took it. But i think i was guided to it for a reason, because she loved that she could read it in her native tongue, and i told her we would bring it the friday that we would meet on next. I know God always has something to do with everything in our lives, i dont think it was a coincidence that i just randomly "found" that BOM in the old apartment. God is wise.

Lastly, Florencia was found interviewed for baptism and is worthy to be baptized now! We are thinking that she will be baptized in about 2-3 weeks, as long as she comes to church. she kinda has memory problems, and when i asked if she forgot it was sunday, very jokingly, she answered yes, seriously... lol.

    thats all for this week! i wrote alot gosh dang it if you read all of it youre a G!



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