Sunday, April 16, 2017

youthz 3/6/17

hey everyone!

   this last week was an awesome week!

      to start off, we had 3 people come to church, which was super cool! Santiago, One of the people that came to church is an investigator that we met this last week really liked the message of the Restoration and came to church. when we met with him he mentioned he didnt have transportation, so we told him we would find someone to get him and bring him at 8:30. He calls us thinking that we said 7:30, wandering where we were at. 

This is insane, 1. because usually no one wants to come to church.
                      2. because he called US wondering who is getting him, and no one calls us... and we                             give our number out to everyone offering service and to our investigators all the                               time

so yeah, it was pretty exciting, at church he commented a bunch that he wanted to be baptized and that he feels more youthful sitting by elder Osberg and I. Youthz

      We also met a really cool man named Manuel. he was really interested in what we had to say. we are going to share with him the whole message of the Restoration this saturday, and if he doesnt have any soccer games for his kids, he said he would come to church, really awesome guy. we put him and his 2 kids on date for April 8th, so it will be exciting what happens.

   So a couple of days ago marked my 7 month mark. the mission is weird, it goes by fast and slow at the same time, but always enjoyable. 

   One thing that i have really enjoyed doing as a missionary is really digging into the bible. its crazy what truths you may find when you really go deep in a verse or chapter. im trying to read the bible all the way through starting at Genesis, and so far its been a blast. the old testament is a little peculiar tho...


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