Sunday, April 16, 2017

Subimos la Montana otra vez 4/3/17

   Yeah, and because we climbed that mountain again, im freaking sore and cut up. but the pics we took were pretty rad. WE MADE IT TO THE TOP THIS TIME! last time we mad it like 3/4 the way up, and since Elder Osberg is probs leaving in a week, we had to finish it! Pics in a link below.

    Santiago was Baptized this last Saturday! too hype!! Elder Osberg baptized him, and ill be doing the confirmation this sunday, because General conference was this last weekend. We baptized him after the 2 regular sessions, and we had a really good turn out from the members in our ward. This guy is awesome, super sweet looking old man. Hes already calling a less active back to church(his next door neighbor)! CONVERT.

     General Conference was so awesome. If you didnt already know, we believe in a modern day prophet that still talks to God directly and 12 apostles that help and guide the church just like Jesus Christ established( Ephesians 2:19 ; 4:11-14). And in General conference, we get the opportunity to hear from these great men, and other selected General Authorities of the church. IF YOU WANT TO REALLY KNOW what we believe, id watch it. its on
     Anyways, i really enjoyed this General Conference, one of my fav talks was about "The Eternal Langauge", talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. He compares it to how many children from hispanic parents speak better English than their parents Mother-tongue, and by there kids, many arent taught Spanish, and hence lose the language. he focuses on how we must continually maintain the langauge of the Gospel in our homes and in the lives of our children, and even us. Go read it!!

       This week i learned a lesson about spiritual promptings. As we were going to try by an investigators house, i saw a woman cleaning up some cut weeds in her lawn. Here in the mission, and im sure in ever other mission, the moto is, TALK TO EVERYONE! because you never know who is willing to accept the message we bring. I had a thought that i should to talk to her. i gave a look to elder osberg to see if its someone he has already talked to that hates missionaries (there are quite a few). When i received the notion that he hadnt talked to her before i walked over to over some help. she declined that offer, but accept us into her home, and we were able to pick up her, her daughter, and her mother-in-law as new investigators. A spiritual prompting isnt always a slap in the face, or be a pressing feeling, it can happen in more suddle ways like a thought! 

Love yall!

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